Bulk Mail

Sending large quantities of mail

Bulk mail is the best way to send large quantities of mail. Bulk mail rates vary depending on item size and preferred delivery speed.

Need to send large quantities of mail abroad? We recommend international bulk mail.

The benefits of Bulk Mail

  • Choose your preferred delivery speed
  • Attractive rates
  • Different sizes
  • Always a drop-off location nearby

How it works

Use Bulk Mail to send large quantities of mail at once. We offer a range of Bulk Mail products:

  • Bulk Mail 24 hours
  • Bulk Mail Basic (48 / 72 hours)
  • Bulk Mail Basic DM (48 / 72 hours)

Each product allows you to send mixed (different size) or periodic bulk mail shipments. For more information please see the below overview of domestic Bulk Mail products.

Bulk mail rates vary depending on item size and preferred delivery speed.

Domestic Bulk Mail products

The table below lists the different Bulk Mail products, available sizes and corresponding product codes. Use the product codes when filling out your order form.


48 / 72
Basic DM

48 / 72
Special e-Sort282528352845
Periodic e-Sort28272847

48 / 72
Recommended forItems that require
next-day delivery

250 items or more
(minimum order value Mixed € 20)
Items that require
delivery on a specific day
Choose between Basic 48 hours
and Basic 72 hours

250 items or more
(minimum order value Mixed € 20)
BenefitsFast delivery,
your choice of day
Budget alternative to 24 hrs,
day-definite delivery
Handover and deliveryHandover --> Delivery
Mon --> Tue
Tue --> Wed
Wed --> Thu
Thu --> Fri
Fri --> Sat
Handover --> Delivery
Mon --> Thu (72 hrs)
Tue --> Thu (48 hrs)
Wed --> Sat (72 hrs)
Thu --> Sat (48 hrs)
Fri --> Tue (72 hrs)
Drop-off locationsAny PostNL Business PointAny PostNL Business Point

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Economy Direct Mail

We also offer Economy Direct Mail for shipments of more than 5,000 items.

More information about Economy Direct Mail

Which bulk mail product should I use?

Use our tariff guide to determine the right bulk mail product for you, or contact one of our advisers.

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How much does it cost?

Bulk mail rates are calculated based on size and product type. See the tariff guide for available rates.

General information about bulk mail

What is bulk mail?

Bulk mail sizes

How to send bulk mail

1. Prepare your order at MijnPost

2. Handover