Corporate responsibility

Recognising our responsibility

As the largest mail and parcels company in the Benelux, we play a huge role in society. We connect people through mail, parcels and information. Our network of locations, vehicles and people, means we are visible everywhere. This makes us a familiar face, in every street, seven days a week.

We are extremely aware of the huge role and impact we can have on the world around us. On all of our employees and suppliers, on the environment and on the society in which we operate. That is why we take our corporate responsibility seriously, in everything we do. We have recorded this in this statement.

Our CR policy is based on three pillars: being a good employer, managing sustainable operations and a liveable society.

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Being a good employer

For us, being a good employer means paying attention to all the people who work for and with us. We want them to feel acknowledged for their work, feel responsible for our collective achievements, and contribute to the success of PostNL. That’s why we create a work environment where people feel at home, and are given the space to work on their own future prospects. We do this in different ways: 

  • Employee engagement: good employee engagement scores throughout the company help us realising our goals. That is why we carry out an annual survey, asking employees how they feel about PostNL as an employer. And thus committing ourselves to aiming for even stronger employee engagement and a better work environment. 
  • Diversity: good balance in the workforce makes our organisation stronger, more innovative and attractive. Whether this concerns multi-cultural diversity, a visible LGBT community or encouraging more women to reach for the top, we work hard on all these issues, internally and externally. 
  • From job to employment security: we ensure that our employees have a strong position on the employment market. For example, through training or working towards sustainable employment – even if this employment is outside PostNL. Employees’ families also have access to all kinds of training courses in our PostNL Academy.
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Sustainable operations

We are a logistics company. And our huge fleet, locations throughout the country and daily linehaul have significant environmental impact. But we aim to be as sustainable as possible. That is why we are continuously working on keeping this impact as small as possible. For example, with cleaner vehicles, or more efficient processes. 

  • A clean fleet: from e-scooters to biogas to training in fuel-efficient driving behaviour for drivers: we are finding more and more ways to further reduce our sizeable fleet’s emissions. 
  • Sustainable procurement and recycling: regarding procuring business resources, we allow sustainability to play the biggest possible role, such as wear-free materials. We also look continuously for new ways to recycle or reuse our materials. 
  • Carbon neutral electricity and solar energy: PostNL purchases 100% carbon neutral energy. In May 2016 we have started installing solar panels on our parcel sorting and distribution centres in the Netherlands.
  • Stadslogistiek: in a pilot with the Municipality of Delft we are trialling environmentally-friendly transport, using smaller electric vehicles and more efficient routes. The objective is to create a more liveable city centre. We hope to roll this out to other municipalities in 2016.
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Liveable society

With our thousands of parcel and mail deliverers we have eyes and ears in every street in the Netherlands. We want to use this unique presence still further so that we don’t only deliver mail and parcels daily, but can also contribute to a more vital and social society. 

With Smart City Solutions, for instance, we are researching ways to use our networks for more sustainability in Dutch cities. We are piloting ways to contribute to a more liveable society, like meeting elderly lonely people, or keeping an eye on rubbish or graffiti in public spaces.

Social sponsoring

Our company’s role in society is an important part of our sponsorship policy. We do not only deliver mail and parcels, we also offer a helping hand for those people who need extra support to stay connected with society.

We work together with various social organisations for this, including Stichting Jarige Job.

Stichting Jarige Job is a foundation that focuses on the over 60,000 children in the Netherlands who are unable to celebrate their birthday because there is no money or not enough money at home. The foundation sends birthday parcels to ensure that these children are also able to celebrate their birthdays. PostNL delivers all these parcels.

View the film for more information about our partnership with Stichting Jarige Job.

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A second part of our sponsorship policy is our 200-year history. Fostering traditions and cultural heritage is a high priority for us, which is why we have sponsored the King’s Games since they started in 2012. We deliver King’s Games parcels to all Dutch schools and Dutch schools abroad every year.

If you would like more information about our sponsorship policy, please e-mail us on

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