Nexive: 100% sustainable energy

It’s the right investment

As a company, we are committed to sustainable delivery. This means we continually look for ways to be greener, cleaner and more efficient right across the organisation. In 2015, Nexive began sourcing all of its energy from 100 percent certified renewable sources, taking an important step towards lowering its overall emissions levels.

Good business sense

This just makes good business sense

Roberta Culella, Nexive CR & Sustainability Manager, explains that while energy sourced from renewable sources is more expensive than energy sourced from fossil fuels, it cuts CO2 emissions by 40 percent to 60 percent. “As well as being more sustainable, switching to renewable energy sources also makes good business sense”, she says.

“Most of our customers have developed internal corporate responsibility policies to manage the impact of their company’s operations in a more responsible manner. One consequence of this is that they need to monitor both the social and the sustainable performance levels of their suppliers. As a result, environmental policies are often included in mail and parcel tenders, so positioning Nexive at the top of the sustainability scale is becoming a real asset.”

Case Nexive

Investing in sustainable energy is becoming a real asset for Nexive

Win/win for all

While all energy providers in Italy are required to offer a percentage of their energy as certified green, even if they don’t own renewable energy plants, energy produced by renewable sources in Italy is still not enough to fulfil Nexive’s requirements. To solve this, Italian energy providers buy white certificates, which certify that a certain reduction of energy consumption has been attained. “The main Italian energy providers are also Nexive customers”, Roberta explains. “This meant that during negotiations we were able to agree on terms that were win/win for all companies. As a result, we obtained certified green energy at the same rates as carbon fossil energy.”


While the use of totally renewable energy sources is still relatively uncommon in Italy, it is a distinguishing feature for Nexive and enhances the company’s sustainability reputation. “Having accomplished this goal makes us feel extremely proud and fits with our effort to constantly improve our environmental performance, such as by offering our customers eco-flyers and eco-envelopes”, Roberta says. “We will continue to look for sustainable solutions internally and externally, adding to our green credentials within the Italian market.”