PostNL Kids Council

The Kids Council is helping PostNL with important sustainability dilemmas. “It is important that we hear now from children what they find important, so that, as PostNL, we can take measures regarding this”, stated Albert Rodenboog, Director of Production and Chairperson of the PostNL CR Council. PostNL started a dialogue with its own Kids Council at the beginning of 2016.

Sustainable working

Welke stap zet jij?

PostNL is one of the Netherlands’ largest employers. Together with all its employees, it can, therefore, make a real difference. The dialogue with the Kids Council in 2016 concerned how all PostNL employees could contribute to more sustainable business operations.

Together with the Kids Council, PostNL started an internal campaign last June. The campaign focused on measures that PostNL staff could take in their daily work. These included simple actions that don’t take much time or effort but do have an impact, such as driving efficiently, as well as major projects, such as installing solar panels on the roofs of parcel sorting centres. Children and colleagues had their say in a special sustainability newspaper for all PostNL staff.

Make a difference together

Welke stap zet jij?

Many employees responded to the children’s appeal in the newspaper and shared the measures they were taking. PostNL Director, Herna Verhagen presented the Kids Council measures on the Day of Sustainability on 10 October 2016.

In 2017 PostNL, together with the Kids Council, organized a broad stakeholder dialogue to receive feedback on reducing air in packaging. Too often, small goods are sent in large boxes so that we unnecessarily transport a lot of air. PostNL asked the Kids Council: 'How can we make packaging more efficient?' The Kids Council presented a few great ideas that PostNL will continue to work with in collaboration with customers and packaging experts.
Read more about the stakeholder dialogue (in Dutch)

What is the Kids Council?

Kids Council - a Missing Chapter Foundation and Unicef Nederland initiative - helps us develop strategies regarding important issues and themes. PostNL is one of over 60 companies that has a Kids Council. Our Council comprises pupils from group 7/8 from CBS Melodie in Rijswijk.

PostNL Kids Council