Green Post

The climate-friendly way to send your mail

Green Post by PostNL allows you to offset your carbon footprint through sustainable investment, ensuring that your mail is delivered in a strictly climate neutral way.

The benefits of Green Post

  • Sustainable investment means your mail is delivered in a 100% carbon-neutral way
  • We will double the first 50,000 euro invested by participants, with our contribution benefiting the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation (minimum annual investment: 25,000 euro)
  • Resulting CO2 reductions may be included in your sustainability or annual report

How much does it cost?

Your contribution – like your CO2 footprint – is calculated based on the number of mail items and parcels delivered each year. The minimum contribution is 5 euro.

How it works

If you would like to participate in Green Post, please send an e-mail to We'll get in touch with you to confirm your participation in order to offset your mail and / or parcel emissions.

Sustainable investment

By participating in Green Post, you are making an investment in high-quality, sustainable development – including wind energy projects in Turkey, China and Taiwan, all of which are carefully selected and Gold Standard-certified, indicating that they meet all relevant criteria for climate protection.

We will double your investment

To show how much we value the support of our participants, we will double their initial 50,000 euro combined investment (minimum investment: 25.000 euro). This contribution by PostNL will go towards supporting conservation projects in the Netherlands by the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation. In 2017, we helped to preserve and expand the natural habitat of the Great Reed Warbler and bitterns in the National Landscape IJsseldelta in this way.

Verified by FIRA

The 'Green Post' CO2 reduction initiative has been independently verified by FIRA Sustainability B.V. For reference, please see the verification statement by FIRA.

Simply put, it means that:

  • the calculation method used by PostNL to determine CO2 emission per mail delivery is considered reliable, and
  • any gains achieved under the Green Post programme may be used to offset total carbon emissions as stated in your sustainability report.

Not included in our CO 2 calculation:

  • emissions associated with the parcel or mail item itself, i.e. resulting from the production and / or use of its contents and packaging.

How to make your Direct Mail even greener

Green Post is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. But why stop there? Here's a few ways you can reduce your impact even further:

  • Clean up your address data. Using clean data helps to prevent incorrectly addressed mail items and unnecessary returns. Of course, we will be happy to help you clean up your database.
  • Use recycled paper produced from trees grown in sustainably managed forests (look for the FSC or PEFC label).
  • Make sure all of your business partners and suppliers operate an environmental management system. This will help boost overall supply chain sustainability.
  • Use colour printing sparingly. Though not as harmful as in the past, ink is still no friend of the environment.
  • Double-sided printing will greatly reduce the amount of paper required for your mailing.
  • Avoid using unnecessary plastics and packaging. Many of these are not biodegradable. They also require quite a lot of energy to produce.