Different ways to grow

From guinea pig to valuable proposition

Different ways to grow

In 2020, we want to be the provider of mail and logistics solutions in our selected areas. That’s why we work on new products for current markets and look for new markets for existing products. And we improve the business processes with new techniques, allowing us to work more efficiently and offer our clients more and more convenience.

We also look beyond that, to growth initiatives that go much further than our current business. Within the growth programme Edison, central teams work on new propositions for interesting markets in which PostNL can add value.

The Edison teams work following the lean start-up method. They launch a minimally viable product as quickly as possible to learn from a small group of real customers whether they are on the right path. If it is successful, they further expand the launch in the market. That way, we start various start-ups within our organisation.

Annerie Lekkerkerker, Growth Manager


One of the propositions from our Edison programme is Flown. Flown is a platform that offers consumers a subscription to the use of household appliances without having to buy them. The concept fits within the circular economy. The manufacturer maintains responsibility for their appliances and has an interest in good quality and low maintenance costs. That yields products with a longer lifespan that are also more recyclable. And the consumer can make carefree use of a sustainable, functioning product.

Innovation studio

To accelerate growth and innovation, we set up an innovation studio. The studio is located in Amsterdam, among inspiring start-ups. New ideas are evaluated and further developed in small testing grounds. One of the ideas that originated here is our baggage service.

The innovation studio helped me get from an idea to a validation solution, step by step, by gauging needs among travellers. After six months, the minimally viable product is already live.

Michiel Franzen, Product Owner


PostNL also participates in the investment fund Endeit Fund II. That fund provides growth capital to companies focusing on digital media, internet, e-commerce and software. That brings us into contact with companies in markets in which PostNL sees growth opportunities and gain us more experience in investing in growth.