The connected society

The familiar deliverer identifies and connects

The connected society

Our society is becoming more urban, with an ageing population and more individualism. Information exchange between organisations and consumers takes place more and more digitally. That increases the distance between organisations and consumers. At front doors, reception desks and online, PostNL has daily contact and can play a connecting role in this changing world.

Validation service

We live in a digital world, now more than ever. It is important to know and to check who we do business with. PostNL develops validation services for front doors, reception desks and online. At our physical locations and on our digital platforms, we easily check the customer’s ID on demand. That way, companies can follow laws and regulations in digital transactions as well.

PostNL and GoCredible are carrying out an experiment in which consumers can buy or sell a car in a safe way. Your personal details ans the registration number are checked. That way, you know who you’re dealing with and which car you’re purchasing. GoCredible does not transfer the money until the registration is transferred at one of our Post offices.

Lorraine den Bieman, strategic development manager

Recipient service

Companies are facing the challenge of continuing to stand out to their customers among this stream of online communications. That in combination with physical mail.

In a pilot, we are combining the focus on physical mail with the smart aspects of our digital era. For example, consumers will soon have access to all their mail at all times via the PostNL app. With that, PostNL offers advertisers a better conversion and more effective communications.

Paul Meereboer, Business Development Manager

In the digital world, it is possible to maintain contact with consumers when their details change, such as when they move house. With the PostNL app, consumers can themselves choose which companies safely and easily receive their new contact information. With current address information, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, those companies can maintain contact with their customers. PostNL is working on this Redirection Service 2.0.