Crossborder solutions that will get you further

Not only are we a leading party in the Benelux, we also play a role in the mail and parcels market in the rest of the world. And we want to expand this role. With Spring Global Delivery Solutions, Nexive in Italy and Postcon in Germany, we are grasping the opportunities offered by the fast-growing e-commerce market, and strengthening our cross-border position.


Over a fifteen-year period, Spring Global Delivery Solutions has become a strong independent provider of cross-border logistics solutions. As full PostNL subsidiary and Royal Mail sales agent, Spring offers direct access to both Dutch and British distribution networks. With thirteen offices and partners in 190 countries we can offer global shipping solutions for mail, parcels, returns and e-commerce.

Gateway to Europe

The e-commerce market is growing, with an expected annual average of 20 percent until 2020, and becoming more global. Customers are incereasingly purchasing products from Asian webshops. The number of international returns by now makes up around 10 percent of all orders. Spring offers international customers a ‘gateway to Europe’, with one hub in Europe for all parcels’ distribution.

Milk powder

The demand for milk powder in China has grown explosively, which is why we established a dedicated distribution process to China in 2015. This means we can now process some 2 million shipments annually, and we have become one of the three largest European players in parcel shipments to China.

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As Nexive, we are Italy’s second player on the local mail market. Our Formula Certa network reaches some 80 percent of Italian households. We would like to increase our market share in Italy by expanding our portfolio. And by launching innovative services, including E-box, which offers total Track & Trace on mail items. Nexive also started its own parcels network in 2015, together with some forty Italian partners.

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We deliver across Germany, and provide end-to-end delivery service in the Rhein-Ruhr region. Elsewhere we use partners for the last mile distribution. We position ourselves as a cost-efficient and reliable partner, and want to grow our market position. To achieve this, in 2015, amongst other things, we consolidated all administrative, sales and operational management tasks at one location in Ratingen, in order to strengthen our cross-selling activities.

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