Our people

A workplace that inspires

We have over 44,000 employees, and are one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. If it weren’t for al these people, there would be no PostNL. They are the base of our success. That is why we want to create a work environment where people feel safe and be the best they can.

Four culture values

There are four culture values that support our ambitions for the future. To make us a company where employees can make a difference for our customers.

  1. We are customer focused. We want to make our customers’ lives easier and we develop our products and services in cooperation with our customers. 
  2. We are result oriented. We work on the basis of trust, we manage on output and we are clear about expectations, responsibilities and behaviour. 
  3. We work together. The result of the total is more important than the result of the individual and we are open to feedback and hold each other accountable. 
  4. We innovate and improve. We show courage to grab opportunities, we accept mistakes and learn from them.

How we embed these cultural behaviours in our day-to-day operations is just as important. That is why they are an important part of our annual plans and performance management practices. The cultural behaviours are also embedded in our leadership competences, which are the base of our talent programs and evaluation cycles. Every year we carry out a survey, asking employees how they experience the culture in their own work environment, and we use this feedback to improve our practices. In 2016, this survey showed that our employee engagement went up from 64 to 67 percent, and our aim is to continuously improve this score.

Fit for the future

Having the right talent at the right spot: that is vital for the future of our company, from technical operators who manage complex sorting machines to senior managers mapping our long-term strategy. That is why we always stimulate people to keep working on their own employability, developing their skills professionally and personally. Every employee has access to a large number of trainings and courses, offered by the digital PostNL Academy.

Maarten van Ierschot

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Room for talent

We look closely at the skills future leaders will require and we use our succession plans and training programs to identify and develop in-house talent. This is of vital importance if we want to be able to grow as a company. We strive to evaluate the performance of our high-potential employees and senior managers twice per year, including development and internal growth.

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We feel that our workforce and management should reflect the diversity within society. So we can offer an place where employees feel comfortable, wherever they work. This is a major condition for a healthy, more sustainable work environment. That is why we committed ourselves to improving diversity throughout the company, by signing the international Diversity Charter. We aim to achieve this with multiple initiatives, such as workshops on cultural awareness and the introduction of a diversity index (with an overall score of 64%), our internal Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) and the LGBT-network PostNL Pride. We also continue te create work experience opportunities for people with limited access to the labour markets, by establishing partnerships with social employment and network organisations. You can read more about our diversity and inclusion policy in the document below.

Diversity and inclusion policy

PostNL Pride

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