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‘I’m missing PostNL less and less’

André van Kan has moved to another company after working at PostNL for 38 years. This was because, following reorganisations, his position was set to become redundant. Mobility, our internal job programme for employees, helped him make the move to a company that offers him a future again.

Moving to another company after almost forty years at PostNL: that must have taken some getting used to.

“Yes. Definitely. I started as mail deliverer at the then PTT Post in Delft in February 1978. Following six months of training, on 1 February 2016 I officially started working at RCCS Waardetransport, a company that offers secure money transport. I enjoyed my time at PostNL tremendously and luckily I really enjoy RCCS too. And, not unimportantly, I expect to be able to work here until I retire.”

Case MobilityPhotography: JoostHoving

When did you realise that you wouldn’t stay at PostNL until retirement?

For a long time I didn’t want to think about leaving

“From 2000 onwards, there were more and more changes and cuts, but for a long time I had no doubts that my future was with PostNL. In 2012, I applied for a job at the new Car Unit, where I quickly obtained a coordinating position at a large site in The Hague. Reports that the Car Unit needed drastic streamlining came two years later. That hit me hard. From then on things didn’t go so well, and former colleagues and Mobility kept saying: look around you, outside PostNL. But for a long time I didn’t want to consider this.”

Why not?

“I’d worked at PostNL for such a long time and I didn’t feel I could throw that away so easily. But I did notice that the organisation was changing and that there was less and less work for me. At a certain point I decided to attend a Mobility presentation about RCCS Waardetransport. This really appealed to me.”

So you applied?

“I talked about it with my wife first. I applied when I found that she supported my decision. It really took some getting used to: I don’t have all the turmoil and time pressure that I had at PostNL. And I needed to retrain. The RCCS training process takes six months and in that time I had to pass theory and practical exams. I found studying quite hard but did get a lot of support from RCCS.”

Studying was quite hard, but I got a lot of support

How did Mobility help you?

“Mobility enabled me to make the move to a different employer. They gave presentations and supported the application process. And during the training process I was still officially employed by PostNL, which was possible because of the Mobility budget.”

Do you miss PostNL?

“Quite a lot at the beginning. Some twelve former PostNL staff switched to RCCS Waardetransport and of course we talked about this together. But we’re doing that less and less now. I still have coffee with my former colleagues, but not so often. And I no longer look around as much as I used to if I see a PostNL parcel or mail deliverer driving by on the street. Because I have a good job and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to take this step.”