Close to the customer

How we always put customers first

Everyone in the Netherlands deals with PostNL in one way or another, as either a sender or receiver of mail and parcels. With almost 17 million customers across the country, how do we ensure they all get the most personal service possible?

If you shop online, you receive your order from one of our parcel deliverers. And you probably come across our mail deliverers in the street almost every day. Companies use our networks to send or their invoice or ordered deliveries. They offer our flexible delivery options – such as evening or Sunday delivery – to their customers, and ask us to help them create successful e-mail campaigns or install the washing machines they’ve just delivered to someone’s home.

On an average working day in the Netherlands, PostNL...

delivers 550,000 parcels and nine million letters

delivers mail in the Biesbosch using 1 PostNL delivery boat

posts some 1,500 messages and direct messages on Twitter

supports business customers through almost 3,000 telephone calls, e-mails, apps and chats

delivers some 22.8 million leaflets to homes via Spotta

offers home delivery of fresh food boxes from over 25 suppliers

Are you a satisfied customer?

With millions of customers, lorries full of letters and parcels to deliver, and thousands of staff, can you really expect personal service as a customer? As far as we’re concerned, you can. In fact: in everything we do, we put the customer – every customer – first. For example, by sending a response via Twitter within one hour, with an answer or solution if possible. By thinking along with companies about how they can attract new customers and continue expanding. Or by simply making a small gesture. All these efforts can be translated into one important figure for PostNL: customer satisfaction. And this has been increasing in recent years: from 79% satisfied customers in 2012 to 87% in 2016.

How can you get in touch with PostNL?

  • our 26,000 mail and parcel delivery drivers on the streets 
  • the PostNL website, with customized homepages for different types of visitors 
  • 18,500 letterboxes 
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatsapp, online forums) 
  • the PostNL App 
  • telephone 
  • e-mail
  • corporate customer service
  • personal account manager for big customers 
  • retail locations, such as post offices and parcel points

How I put customers first

Medewerkersinterview - SjaakSjaak Keim (74), mail deliverer: “Our planner always calls me with extra jobs because, in spite of my age, I almost skip through my rounds. I was recently given a new route, with a large number of shops and hairdressers. I know from experience that it’s quicker to push the mail through the letterbox, but I decided to leave a good first impression and step inside every establishment. You can’t imagine how many friendly greetings and smiling faces I received.”

Medewerkersinterview - AlbertAlbert Rodenboog, Director of Production: “It is my opinion that every manager should visit customers regularly. I do this every day. In my village, for instance, I help think about mail box problems. I talk to retailers about their experiences with customers. I accompany sales managers to large companies to help search for great new solutions. All these meetings and insights help me to work with my colleagues to make the right decisions.”

Medewerkersinterview - LarissaLarissa Berkenhagen, Business Service Advisor: “Like consumers, more and more of our business customers contact us via Twitter and LinkedIn. At Webcare we even have a number of business customers who always turn to us when they have a question or problem. And because these contacts are solely on a public platform like Twitter, you build a special relationship with each other. Once a year Webcare goes on tour, which means we drive a van to our loyal customers with a personal gift. During this tour, we keep our followers updated on Twitter, using the hashtag #jijstaatcentraal. Customers really value this, if only for the opportunity to meet in real life.”

Medewerkersinterview - CarlaCarla de Bruijn, Interim Director Operations Asia: “I’ve been working at our Spring sales office in Hong Kong since January, where we work with business customers in Asia. I can put my experience with logistic solutions and customer service to good use, especially in personal meetings with customers. Every meeting with a customer brings me new ideas and insights, and opportunities for growth and improvement, either for our own services or for the customer’s logistics processes. That is why personal contact is so valuable for me and for the customer!”