Innovaties die het verschil maken

Innovations that set us apart

Food delivery: a service that gives us energy

Delivery of what you want, when you want it, wherever you are. Is that possible? We think so. That’s why we have started delivering groceries and fresh meals, straight to customers’ kitchens at home.

Growing markets

In 2015, Dutch customers spent over 16 percent more on online shopping than the previous year, and this growth is continuing (source: Thuiswinkelmonitor). They are also increasingly ordering from international web shops, which often select PostNL for delivery in Europe. We choose to operate in the fastest growing segments: food, home & garden, health & personal care, electronics and fashion. And we are specializing in the food market, which is expected to grow considerably.

Special orders

The world of e-commerce is growing and PostNL is growing with it. Now that online sales of clothing, toys and gadgets have really become commonplace, we are entering a new phase; a phase in which we prefer to order online as much as possible, because it makes our life easier. For example, contact lenses, luxury jewellery, fridges, wine and our daily groceries. 

Products like these require different packaging and transport methods. Customers – senders and receivers – are demanding more control and reliability. And regarding delivery, the demand is for very precise timeframes and acceptable prices. 

PostNL has the answers. We devise smart packaging and use our networks for customised logistics solutions. We are specialising in the delivery of special products, from medicines and garden furniture to fresh meals. And if needed, we even bring them to customers’ living rooms or kitchens. That’s what offering the highest quality means to us.

Always close-by

ID Check aan de deur

Sunday delivery

ID Check aan de deur

ID Check at the door


Evening delivery (5 days a week)

Dezelfde dag bezorgd

Ordered before 12.00 noon, delivered same day

Latere aanlevertijden

Later delivery times for smaller web shops and private individuals

Controle bezorgafspraken

Control of delivery agreements with the PostNL app

Managed growth

Growth offers us opportunities and a future perspective. It gives us energy. But growth is something we manage tactfully. We are investing in markets we believe will become big, while staying close to our core business. 

The online food market is currently still in its infancy, because, for physical supermarkets, delivering groceries that are ordered online is not that easy. How do you ensure that a carton of milk, a head of lettuce and a frozen pizza are delivered together in one go without any loss in quality? How do we enable processing these groceries through our own regular parcels network, so we can deliver them the same day, with a freshness guarantee? How do you ensure people are at home for delivery, because a fresh groceries aren’t something you just leave with the neighbour? 

That is why logistics play a crucial role. PostNL has the very best in-house logistics knowledge and skills, and can therefore offer great value to players in this market.

What do we offer customers who order food?

  • A dense network 
  • A strong brand 
  • We are present every day in every street 
  • We know our customers, both senders and receivers 
  • The best logistics knowledge

Together with our customers

Deliver groceries ordered online, at the agreed time at the customer’s home: managing this poses some considerable challenges. The answer lies in tailored solutions – for companies and their customers. That is why we are cooperating with various partners on this proposition. 

For instance, with supermarkets we looked at how we can adapt their logistics processes to offer the best delivery options. And together with Wageningen University we developed our own coolbox to carry a variety of fresh groceries. We are also working with other parties to test special packaging for wine bottles. 

Customers also gain advantages in other areas from their cooperation with PostNL. We have a lot of knowledge and skills, such as advice and customised solutions in (direct) marketing.