International growth

Ordered in China, delivered by PostNL

From USB cables to clothing: increasing numbers of people are ordering low-cost products from China, and chances are it’s PostNL taking care of the delivery.

If you need a fancy-dress costume or new smartphone gadget, where do you buy it? Do you visit the local fancy-dress shop or department store, or do you find it just as easy to order from an international e-tailer? As consumers become more confident about shopping online, they not only purchase more, they also buy from further afield, with e-tailers in China becoming particularly popular.


  • 10%: annual e-commerce market growth in the Netherlands 
  • 20-30%: annual cross-border e-commerce market growth 
  • 25%: percentage of international online purchases made from Chinese webshops 

Source: Report 2016,

From complex to convenience

Spring has been active in Asia since 2001. We connect local e-tailers to consumers around the world, providing them with the high levels of delivery quality and convenience they expect when ordering parcels from abroad. We take the complex and make it seem simple, which is why e-tailers in China prefer to work with us. Spring is a trusted brand, delivering cost-effective, high-quality international delivery solutions.

Fierce competition, fast-moving customers

Hieke van Rees, Business Development Manager in Asia: “We are a relatively small player in China, and here we work differently than we do in the Netherlands, where we are the leading e-commerce logistics company. Competition is fierce and customers in China know what they want: ‘No’ is not an option for them. Our size means we can introduce new ideas and services quickly, trying out what works. This demands a high level of entrepreneurship from our colleagues at Spring, but it generates a tremendous amount of energy, because we are growing fast and taking huge steps.”

What does this focus on China offer us?

New solutions that we can also use in other countries and across the business, such as an IT platform for customers.

Knowledge of the cross-border e-commerce market, which continues to grow and offers us tremendous opportunities.

Growth of international market share and revenue.

Expansion of our Gateway to Europe services, which we are now rolling out in other continents, including North America.