Met IT op weg naar EénPostNL

How IT helps us realise OnePostNL

The right information, the right place, the right time

With more than ten networks, we are able to deliver many different products, like medication, furniture or even a million parcels in one day. But what if we could manage all of these different networks as one? That would offer both us and our customers many more opportunities. That is why we work hard becoming OnePostNL. IT plays a key role in this.

Grasping the opportunities of digitisation

Technological developments have changed our lives extensively. It has also altered the relationship between companies and their customers, as well as the relationship between companies and their employees. Today, people expect convenience, they want control over the services they purchase. And they deserve clear communication. The key to achieving this, is providing the right information, at the right time, at the right place. And IT plays a major part in making this happen at PostNL. 

We collect data, from which we can learn a great deal about our networks and our processes. Next, we choose the right platforms that enable us to optimally communicate with our customers. Webcare, for example, which almost always provides customers with a fast and accurate answer or solution. Or My work, the internal platform mail deliverers use via computer or smartphone, to take care of their own administration. And of course we have the PostNL app, enabling consumers to check the status of their delivery anytime. 

We want to grasp every opportunity information technology offers. To make sure that we can be the best, most efficient and most reliable logistics partner, now and in the future.

By 2016, consumers…

In control

want to be in control and choose when, where and how they receive parcels, mail, or information from us

Kanaal & contact

are online 24/7, on a variety of devices. They have constant access to information, and will expect this from other parties as well

Zendinginformatie ontvangen

want information to be clear, transparent and available quickly

The parcel route

From sending to delivery, every parcel is scanned and registered around ten times. This data is transmitted to Track & Trace, which shows customers exactly where their parcel is.

We are OnePostNL

We offer our customers many services, offered by several business segments. But customers perceive us as one company: PostNL. Whether they send a registered letter, use our direct marketing service, or order a parcel late in the evening that is needed the next morning. This is why we want to offer one customer experience throughout the company, and ensure that they can find all the information they need in one place. 

Information technology helps us achieve this ambition, by linking our processes and systems. For example, we centralise customer data, like the services they use. This means that if a customer contacts us, it doesn’t matter what product or business segment his question addresses: we are always able to provide answers and the best customer service. 

We work hard on achieving OnePostNL. For our customers, as well as for ourselves. Because we believe that optimal cooperation between all segments throughout the company, helps us become more efficient, improve our services, and facilitates a healthy future.

One PostNL thanks to IT support

My PostNL for business customers

One digital portal for all PostNL services. We will keep working on this portal in 2016.

PostNL app

With the app, receivers can track their parcel and find the estimated delivery time, or order products and services, such as the digital stamp code.

One website for customers

Enabling us to present our information in a much clearer way.

“Right after my first meeting at PostNL I had a good feeling about the company, and the bold role they haven given IT. PostNL has a very strong vision on how IT can help achieve OnePostNL. We have placed the complete IT environment in the cloud: a huge step forward. We are also connecting different systems, or replacing them with flexible platforms, stimulating developments and enabling us to innovate and grow more easily. As a business consultant, it’s my job to connect the needs from the business to the possibilities of IT. It can be hard work, because for many people, IT is complex and difficult to grasp. But that’s also what makes my work really challenging and satisfying.” Ellis Delahay, IT Business consultant

Seamless connections

We’re connecting a variety of different systems, including sales and customer service, to enable smooth processes. The same goes for our networks. Because we can already do a lot with our networks, like delivering groceries ordered online, processing ten million letters a day, or delivering and connecting televisions. And we want to deliver where, when and how the customer wants. To achieve this, connections between our networks need to be flawless. 

That is why we use IT for detailed network mapping to keep track of all of our resources, such as parcels and letters, roll containers and pallets, scooters and lorries. This way, we can manage all of our networks as one, offering innovative services. Like real-time Track & Trace, which enables customers to follow their parcel’s progress from beginning to end.