37,000 PostNL motivated employees

Contribute to a connected society

PostNL employees visit every street in the Netherlands every day. It’s about more than just delivering post or parcels. It’s also about connecting and contributing to a connected society. We help realise this ambition through our fund.


The board of PostNL Special Moments Fund operates independently of PostNL and is made up of both PostNL employees and dedicated people from the community.

Our board members are:

Jacques Wallage (Chairman)

‘It is important that our society finds a way to live with each other – not just alongside each other. Thanks to its wonderful network, PostNL has the potential to help connect people.’

Thijs Kerckhoffs (Managing Director)

‘It’s great that PostNL colleagues are lending a helping hand in their daily work by delivering special cards and parcels. I’m looking forward to building on these activities together – step by step.’

Thessa Menssen

‘PostNL is rooted in society. I think it’s important that PostNL both is good and does good. The fund is going to help with that.’

Hafida Bounjouh

‘Giving a helping hand to people who need it. It often takes minimal effort and gives people a small moment of relief or happiness. Who doesn't want that? I’m happy to contribute to that through the fund.’

Tahira Limon

“With our network and our people, we can make a difference. Every contribution, however small, counts. I do this so that people know they are not alone and feel more seen.”

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