We are PostNL

The essential link for our customers

We are PostNL. The essential link between senders and receivers of mail and parcels. Whether it is online or through our physical networks, we aim to facilitate a seamless connection. We provide our customers with a reliable, trustworthy service and control over their deliveries, whether they are major e-tailers or consumers. And we are always close by: our deliverers reach every address in the Netherlands, through rain, hail, sleet and snow.

We are a company of three business segments, over 49,000 employees, and more than ten networks across thirteen countries, connecting three continents. With our loyal workforce, extensive networks and innovative drive, our ambition is to be the leading postal and logistics solutions provider in chosen markets.

We are PostNL

We care about our employees

If it were not for our people, there would be no PostNL. They keep the company running, from the truck drivers in the early morning to the mail sorters late at night; from the call-center employees to our web designers; and of course our mail and parcel deliverers. We have created a work environment in which our employees feel at home, and are given the opportunity to grow and develop. We provide employees with training and new career opportunities. We invest in a sustainable future, both for our company, for society, and for the people who work for and with us.


The number-one network

We have operated at the heart of the Dutch community for more than 200 years. Our networks have kept pace with the changing needs of society. Today, we are able to manage our networks as one using our robust IT resources. This enables us finding the most efficient route for every mail item or parcel, and that we can deliver wherever, whenever and however the customer wants. 

We continue to invest in our networks, for both mail and parcels, nationally and internationally. We are rolling out our next-generation sorting machine extra (SMX), which makes our mail network more flexible and efficient, and improves the quality of our service. We opened our eighteenth parcels sorting and delivery centre in 2015, providing us with a scalability that enables us to satisfy growing demand in the future and introduce innovative, value-added parcel services. We also initiated the roll-out of a 2C parcel network in Italy.

Number one network

Focus on our customers

Our customers are an important driver in everything we do: from introducing innovative services, building a new digital platform, or creating one customer experience throughout the company. We embrace the opportunities provided by market trends, such as accelerating e-commerce and technological developments. And we use them to support business customers in their development and growth, and make consumers’ lives as easy as possible.

For example, we offer flexible return solutions for international e-tailers, and direct marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises. This customer focus pays off. In 2015, customer satisfaction increased, and PostNL became an even stronger brand, with a top-10 rank for reputation in the Netherlands.

Focus on customers

A sustainable company

We have delivered on our promises, transforming PostNL into an efficient, flexible, customer oriented and financially healthy company over the past few years. To remain a strong and healthy company, we are continuously adapting our organisation to the expected volume decline in mail, and volume growth in the domestic and international parcels market. 

Additionally, we have identified three substantial growth domains that are close to our competences, with the potential to further strengthen our results up to and beyond 2020. In combination with our robust financial performance in 2015, this gives us the confidence that we are well prepared to realise our full potential.

Sustainable company