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A day in the life of PostNL employees

For 200 years, PostNL has been a significant part of society, ensuring safe and reliable mail and parcel deliveries. And still you can find us in every street, in every town, even globally, working around the clock to make our customers’ lives easier.

A day in the life of PostNL employees

For 200 years, PostNL has been a significant part of society, ensuring safe and reliable mail and parcel deliveries. And still you can find us in every street, in every town, even globally, working around the clock to make our customers’ lives easier.

05.48 Ton Vlavianos

Ton Vlavianos

What: Truck driver
Where: Mail preparation centre, Amsterdam
Why: “In my 35 years working here, a lot has changed at PostNL. Not just across the company, of course, but also for me personally. I used to work night shifts, but now I get up early to drive mail around the country, helping to make sure it’s delivered the same day. For me, this job means freedom, not just because I cross the country in my truck, but also because I meet a lot of people. And that’s what really hasn’t changed: I still love my job.”

09.12 Ellis Delahay

Ellis Delahay

What: IT Business Consultant
PostNL Head office, The Hague
"PostNL continuously embraces new ways of cooperating, with projects and scrum teams. Right now, my team and I are contributing to the company’s transformation to an agile organisation, which is even more in touch with the customers’ needs and wishes. This will enable us to speed up the time to market of change initiatives. This is our weekly stand-up, where we monitor our progress by breaking our goals up into little steps. And our work is really paying off!"

10.27 Summer Vera

Summer Vera

What: Webcare agent
Where: Cendris customer contact centre, Leeuwarden
Why: “I like helping people. As a webcare agent, my challenge is to make digital communication on social media as personal as possible. Empathy is important: I try to put myself in my customer’ shoes. At PostNL Webcare, we’re known for being fast and to the point, as well as for our humour – if appropriate, of course.”

12.57 Carmen van Bebberen-Troost

Carmen van Bebberen

What: Logistics supervisor Flora@home
Where: Flower auction, Aalsmeer
Why: "During my years working in a flower shop, I never could have imagined that one day I would be able to send flowers – in a vase! – in a box that PostNL developed and have it delivered as a parcel, without damaging the flowers or spilling a drop of water. How cool is that? I love flowers, and now I get to combine working with them with cool logistics solutions. I mean, you can even hold the parcel upside down!"

14.03 Peter Jansen

Peter Jansen

What: Logistics developer
Where: Parcels processing and distribution centre, Den Hoorn
Why: "Fast and flawless sorting processes are really important, given the speed at which parcel volumes are growing. Right now, we are developing a system where numbers are laser projected on parcels, so we know immediately in which container the parcel has to go. Finding ways to help people work more efficiently, more comfortably, and with higher quality, gives me a lot of satisfaction. Especially when all the effort, calculations, and teamwork that went into finding a solution works out the way we hoped."

15.00 Bouke de Loos

Bouke de Loos

What: Manager Special Logistics Design
Parcels Head Office, Hoofddorp
“The great thing about working at a large business like PostNL is being able to work at different divisions and jobs throughout the company. That’s how you learn and discover what drives you and suits you as a professional. I switched from Mail to Parcels, where I now contribute to the logistic possibilities of our network for food, evening, Sunday and same-day delivery. I really like it here. There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm to innovate, with people trying out new ideas to make our networks more efficient and our customers even happier.”

15.43 Sjaak Keim

Sjaak Keim

What: Mail deliverer
“I may be one of the oldest mail deliverer at PostNL, but I still enjoy going out five days a week to do my rounds. It keeps me healthy. At 76, I still don’t need help getting up from my chair. Sometimes my manager calls me to see if I’m up for filling in for a colleague who called in sick. Quite a compliment, right? I’ve been doing this job for a long time, and now I’m passing on my knowledge to the next generation. Because no matter how digital our communication, I think we’ll be delivering letters for quite some time to come.”

16.11 Raymond Kops

Raymond Kops

What: Parcel deliverer
Where: Leiden
Why: “Working at an office is not for me. I’ve always worked outside, whether there’s sun or rain. Most people are happy to see me when I arrive with their parcel. Usually it’s something they ordered online and were looking forward to. I started out with just a small number of parcels, until I finished my training and could start delivering with a fully loaded van. It’s amazing to see how rapidly the volume of parcels has grown, and to be a part of that.”

16.58 Mohammed Bchiri

Mo Bchiri

What: Sorting employee
International Mail Unit, Amsterdam Sloterdijk
"At the International Mail Unit, we make sure our customers – senders and receivers – know where their parcel or letter is by using Track & Trace information. I’m proud of working at an internationally known company such as PostNL, with renowned clients. But the most important thing to me is doing a job I like. We have a team of motivated people, and we help each other when it is needed. That’s why this job fits me so well."

17.15 Valerio Minichetti

Valerio Minichetti

What: Parcel deliverer
Via Fratelli Bonnet, Rome
“What I like most about my job is the opportunity to be in contact with people, to know their stories, to play a little part in their daily lives. Like when this photo was taken: I was delivering a new princess costume to a little girl and she was so enthusiastic that she did not even give me the time to ring the bell and rushed out the door to receive her parcel. Is there anything better than making a kid happy with your work?”

20.45 Bianca Bronstring

Bianca Bronstring

What: Team leader SMC (Sorting Machine Coding)
Where: Mail sorting centre, Rotterdam
Why: “I love technology. When I still worked at the SMX (sorting machine extra), I watched the technical operators closely when they were working on the machine. Dealing with technology obviously plays a big part in managing the SMC as well, though now that I‘m a team leader, I‘m also managing people and making sure the whole process runs smoothly. It‘s a whole new challenge for me. When I started as a mail deliverer in 1998, I could never have imagined my career would take such exciting turns.”