Delivery day changes: New mail route

We are continually implementing changes to our logistics model to reduce cost as mail volumes continue to decline. We make our processes smarter and more efficient while maintaining the high quality for our customers.

In 2017, for example, we started working with the 'Codeerregel'. And in 2018 we introduced the ‘Combibundel’, simplifying our sorting activities and operations. In addition, we improved the automatic coding process on the sorting machine, resulting in a reduction in manual processes. These changes mean mail is available to be delivered earlier, an important condition for taking the next step in our business model.

New delivery process

In 2019 we will switch from the current model with more mail on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saterdays, to an equal-flow model. The new model is called the New mail route. We are adapting our product portfolio for non-time-critical mail and will deliver this type of mail over two consecutive days, for example Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. This will create a win-win-win situation, benefiting our customers, our employees and us. We will continue to deliver 24-hour mail five days a week.

How will our customers benefit?

  • Customers can have their non-time-critical mail delivered five days a week, instead of the current three days.
  • They will be able to better manage the flow of their processes, for example in the production of mailings or in the handling of calls following a direct mailing promotion.
  • They will have access to high quality services at an affordable price.

How will our employees benefit?

  • We are going to make the work for mail deliverers more attractive: because the delivery routes will get longer, we can offer them an employment contract with more hours.
  • Mail will be available for delivery earlier.
  • We will be provide delivers with (electric) bikes to lighten the workload.
  • Going forward, we are able to offer our deliverers job and income security for as long as possible.

How will PostNL benefit?

  • By introducing an equal-flow model, we will be able to spread the workload equally over five days.
  • We will be make better use of our locations and resources, thereby saving costs.
  • The new model will enable us to simplify our processes and be more flexible.
  • We will be better able to absorb future volume decreases and thus continue to realise the cost savings we need to.