Corporate governance

Fairness and transparency

Corporate governance is about sound business management. At PostNL we want to be known not just for the quality of our products and services, but also for the way we do business. That means doing business in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with relevant behavioural and ethical standards and our own Business Principles. That applies to our managers and employees as well as to our suppliers.

Articles of Association of PostNL

PostNL’s governance is subject to the Dutch Civil Code, book 2 and its articles of association. In addition, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and the codes of conduct of the various corporate bodies of PostNL are relevant. The latter can be found at Board of Management and Supervisory Board.

Articles of Association of PostNL

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

Revised in December 2008, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (also known as the 'Code Tabaksblat') is a code of conduct for Dutch listed companies and their shareholders.

Good corporate governance and best practices

The Code includes principles of good corporate governance and best practice provisions. Companies may choose to deviate from the best practice provisions provided they give an explanation to their shareholders.

Annual report and shareholders' meeting

PostNL devotes a separate chapter of its annual report to its corporate governance structure and compliance with the Code. Said chapter is presented as a separate agenda item for discussion at the annual shareholders' meeting.

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

Auditor information

Corporate governance is not just about management, but also about control, supervision and accountability. Auditors are therefore very important. The internal audit department of PostNL advises management. The external auditor, appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders, performs an audit of the annual financial statements under the supervision of the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board.

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Business Principles

At PostNL we want to do business in a fair and transparent manner. These values are laid down in our Business Principles, which guide us in our relationship with our colleagues, customers, business partners and society in general. Our Integrity Programme ensures that the Business Principles are applied consistently throughout the organisation.

PostNL Business Principles

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Suppliers and (sub)contractors are important partners. We therefore expect them to act in accordance with relevant behavioural and ethical standards and the PostNL Business Principles. Group Procurement is responsible for procurement at PostNL and together with Corporate Responsibility ensures the sustainability of our supply chains.

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Foundation Continuity PostNL

Foundation Continuity PostNL was established to protect the interests of PostNL and its affiliates.

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