An efficient and sustainable supply chain

Group Procurement handles procurement for PostNL in the Netherlands and is working in close cooperation with its colleagues in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. By utilising our collective buying power we gain a competitive advantage that enables us to provide a better level of service to our customers. Together with our suppliers we continually strive to improve the quality and sustainability of our supply chain.

Procurement optimisation

Group Procurement is tasked with optimising and professionalising procurement processes at PostNL. Through improved collaboration with suppliers we are able to deliver more speed and improve the quality of the supply chain.

Supplier partnerships

PostNL considers its suppliers to be important partners. We therefore expect them to be reliable, prepared to enter into partnerships and willing to help us find ways to lower costs. We conduct our business in accordance with our General Conditions of Purchase and the PostNL Business Principles.

General Conditions of Purchase PostNL N.V.
PostNL Business Principles

Procurement and corporate responsibility

PostNL is committed to corporate responsibility. Responsible procurement is absolutely vital if we are to honour our commitment. We therefore look beyond price, quality and lead times when it comes to selecting suppliers and shaping our procurement processes – giving careful consideration to social and environmental aspects as well.

Procurement and sustainable governance

We comply with relevant local and international sustainability legislation and standards, going a bit further whenever we can. PostNL's sustainability efforts were recognised with a Silver Class accredition in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2013 when we took top honours in our sector. We similarly expect our suppliers to act in a sustainable manner.

Supply chain sustainability

Group Procurement acts in accordance with the PostNL policy on supply chain sustainability. We have established measurable objectives and targets to maintain and continually improve supplier and (sub)contractor performance:

  • Assess the sustainability risk of our suppliers and (sub)contractors.
  • Share best practices and work with our suppliers and (sub)contractors to eliminate or reduce supply chain risks.
  • Implement a set of guidelines for suppliers and (sub)contractors, which address relevant social and environmental issues such as child labour, freedom of association, hazardous substances etc. Suppliers and (sub)contractors are required to sign up to this set of guidelines.
  • evelop and maintain management systems that establish responsibilities, targets, monitoring methods and a review process of our supplier and (sub)contractor performance. These management systems will be reviewed annually and revised taking into consideration changes in technology, legislation and / or company requirements.

Supply chain sustainability policy

Sustainable procurement policy control

Carrying out the PostNL policy on supply chain sustainability is a combined responsibility of the Group Procurement and Corporate Responsibility departments. For the business units of PostNL a Sustainable Supply Chain Protocol is available, which contains guidelines, risk classifications, follow-up actions and checklists.


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