PostNL wins first European Drivers' Challenge

PostNL has won the coveted trophy for the safest, most economical and customer-friendly parcels deliverer of Europe.

Piet Hartog and Laurens Tuinhout of PostNL won the IPC Drivers' Challenge by beating teams from Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, France and Belgium. Piet Hartog qualified for this international race by winning the national PostNL Drive Me Challenge measured according to fuel economy and speed.

The IPC Drivers' Challenge was organised for the first time this year, by the International Post Corporation (IPC), an interest group for 24 postal operators worldwide. The Mireval circuit, test circuit of Goodyear and Dunlop in southern France, was the perfect setting for a race that tested drivers' safe driving and fuel saving skills, as well as their customer friendliness. Economic driving is not necessarily about driving slowly. In fact, the PostNL team even recorded the fastest time. The competition was modelled on the Drive Me Challenge, which PostNL has organised every year since 2008.