New parcels depot operational in Breda

PostNL Parcels has opened a new depot in Breda. The depot offers 250 jobs in the region in cooperation with the regional WVS Group.

Moreover, a number of environmentally building techniques were applied to underline PostNL's sustainable ambition. The Breda depot is the sixth depot that was opened as part of the new logistics infrastructure of the Parcels organization of PostNL.

Re-use is a common theme in the construction of the PostNL Parcels depots. The land in Breda is a redevelopment of a former water treatment plant. Moreover, the building is designed to make future re-use easier. This is achieved by adapting the height of the building and by making certain constructions easy to disassemble.

Furthermore, the buildings are equipped with energy-efficient applications, such as the most energy efficient sorting machines, ventilation which recovers heat, light coloured roofing, optimal use of daylight and extra insulation of the offices. Obviously, the energy that is used in the new PostNL depots is green. The new buildings of PostNL Parcels are over 30% more efficient and have an A+ energy label.