First ever collection scheme for small electrical appliances

Inzamelprimeur kleine elektrische apparaten

The Municipality of Leeuwarden, Wecycle, Omrin and PostNL are today launching a trial collection scheme for small electrical appliances.

Leeuwarden residents now also have the option to get rid of their unwanted small electrical appliances in drop-off bins which have been mounted underneath letterboxes across the Municipality. The parties involved are thereby making it more convenient for residents to hand in old or broken appliances such as mobile phones, hairdryers, mp3 players and electrical toys without having to go far from home. The aim of the trial is to make residents more aware of the importance of recycling and to encourage them to hand appliances in separately. The trial will last for one year.

35 million kilograms of unwanted electrical appliances and energy-saving light bulbs (e-waste) end up in rubbish bins in the Netherlands every year. That works out at around 2kg per person. The collection trial scheme in Leeuwarden has set itself the target of halving the amount of e-waste per person that currently disappears in general rubbish. Handing appliances in separately means waste processors are able to recycle more than 75% of them. This retains their raw materials and prevents harmful substances from being released into the environment. Recent research by TNS Nipo shows that having a location near to home makes it more likely that people will take part in the collection scheme. Each of the parties involved is contributing to the trial in its own ways. PostNL will provide the locations underneath the letterboxes and empty the drop-off bins. To find out more about the trial collection scheme and the locations of the drop-off bins underneath letterboxes, visit