PostNL-bike breaks world record

PostNL-fiets breekt wereldrecord

The students of the Delft University of Technology and the VU University Amsterdam have achieved a world record with their high-tech recumbent bike.

The bike reached a speed of exactly 133.78 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest on earth. That is 0.6 kilometers per hour faster than the previous world record. The speed was measured after a 8 kilometers long run on a straight road in the desert of Nevada in the US.

At the last moment

The team had six days to achieve the world record. In the beginning they encountered technical problems, which resulted in burning some midnight oil. After a few days of bad weather, it all came down to the last evening. "If you then break the world speed record on the last night, it just feels fantastic," says the proud team leader Wouter Lion.

Formula 1

The team chose for a recumbent bicycle and a hull with an extremely low air resistance. "Compared to a normal bike, the VeloX3 produces only a tenth of the resistance. Paint from the Formula 1 is applied, making the hull very smooth," says Wouter Lion. "It is not only an achievement of students and cyclists, but also of many companies that have helped, including main sponsor PostNL. They sponsor us since the beginning, which underlines that the Netherlands is a biking nation we should be proud of."

PostNL sponsors the bicycle because a fast and sustainable bike could also be of interest to the company.