ACM postpones final ruling on stamp price 2015

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29 August 2014 - ACM informed PostNL by letter of the progress it made in assessing the tariff headroom for PostNL within the USO.

ACM has indicated that it needs more time to conclude the cost allocation study. Consequently, it will not be possible for the ACM to assess the tariff headroom for 2015 before the legal deadline of 1 September 2014.

As a result, ACM has issued an interim ruling, based on the provisions in the Postal regulation, in which it grants PostNL additional tariff headroom for 2015 of 7.9%.

This interim ruling will apply up until the conclusion of the cost allocation study and the consecutive definitive assessment of the tariff headroom for 2015 by the ACM. The ACM expects to come with its final ruling in November 2014.

PostNL will continue to constructively cooperate with ACM in its investigation.

Based on the interim ruling, PostNL will draft a tariff proposal for 2015.