Christmas tradition: tangible Christmas cards are kept for a long time, in original ways

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The Hague, 22 December 2014 – For 38% of the people in the Netherlands, Christmas cards are their favourite cards to receive all year. Christmas cards remain popular and stand for true tradition to Dutch people, as shown in a survey by Direct Research. This survey also showed that recipients keep their cards for a long time. Over one in three people keep their Christmas cards for at least a year.

On average, Dutch people start writing their Christmas cards two to three weeks in advance. In most cases, they send them to their best friends and family. Grandparents (66%) are popular Christmas card recipients among people aged 18 - 30. Recipients see Christmas cards as tradition (35%), underlining friendship or family ties (18%) and as personal attention (18%). 

Prolonged enjoyment of Christmas cards 

Dutch people keep their Christmas cards for a long time: 71% keeps them until at least one month after Christmas. Over one in three people keep their Christmas cards for at least a year or even several years. Recipients also like to show their Christmas cards to other people. They therefore display them on ribbons on the door or on cabinets (57%) or laid out on the table, in bookcases or on a dresser (29%). People still prefer tangible Christmas cards with personal messages. Over 80% of people prefer to receive these over digital Christmas greetings.