Primary schools send out Christmas cards en masse

New ‘Christmas in the classroom’ lesson programme teaches kids how to write Christmas cards

Basisscholen versturen massaal kerstkaarten

The Hague, 15 December 2014 – Thousands of grade 4, 5 and 6 pupils surprised their grandma, grandpa, best friend or neighbour with a handwritten Christmas card this week. More than 2,300 primary schools in the Netherlands are taking part in ‘Christmas in the classroom’! With this new lesson programme, PostNL is enabling children to experience how special it is to send a handwritten Christmas card.

The children set to work on their Christmas cards during the interactive lesson. Their teacher explains that they can send a card to someone who is special to them. They decorate their cards and write personal wishes on them. During the lessons, the children show and read their cards aloud to the class. The lesson concludes with placing the Christmas cards in a local mailbox. The children also get to take home extra Christmas cards.

Handwritten Christmas card 

PostNL Director Barry Husman (Consumer Market) is proud that so many primary schools have decided to take part in this lesson programme. “It’s great to see that young people want to send handwritten Christmas cards to someone dear to them. Thanks to them, this lovely tradition will continue.”

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