The Netherlands commemorates the Bicentenary of the Constitution with new stamp sheet

2014-03-24 postzegels 200 jaar grondwet

Minister Ronald Plasterk (Ministry of the Interior) and Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, Chair of the National Committee for the Bicentenary of the Kingdom received the first copy of the 'Bicentenary of the Kingdom 2014' stamp sheet today.

CIO Marcel Krom from PostNL presented the stamp sheet to him. With the issue of a series of stamp sheets over a three year period, PostNL is focusing attention on the establishment and celebration of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the foundations of which were laid between 1813 and 1815. The second stamp sheet depicts the oath-taking of King Willem-Alexander (2013) and of Willem I (1814).

Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Constitution

The three stamp sheets from this series focus attention on important events regarding the establishment of the Kingdom. The first sheet depicted the return of the Prince of Orange on 30 November 1813. The commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Constitution is central on the second stamp sheet. The last stamp sheet will be published next year to commemorate the inauguration of King Willem I in 1815.