The king's stamp could also have looked like this

20140513 The king's stamp could also have looked like this

For the first time, the Museum for Communication will be displaying the designs for the king’s stamp that didn’t make the cut. Besides Studio Job, three other artists and designers were invited to submit a proposal. The designs created by Christian Borstlap, Martijn Sandberg and creative bureau …,staat will be on display from 13 May through 7 September as part of the XXS Dutch Design exhibition.

Christian Borstlap is a graphic designer who made a name for himself with animated clips in eye-catching colours. Martijn Sandberg is an artist who explores the tensions between text and image. Creative bureau ...,staat stands at the convergence of design, branding, advertising and architecture, working for such brands as Nike, Bugaboo, Heineken and Levi's. The designers at Studio Job are internationally acclaimed for their innovative, monumental, clear designs. PostNL opted for these artists and designers because they represent a new generation of designers that can set a solid, clear stamp on the new king's reign.

The photo taken by Rineke Dijkstra was the starting point for all the proposals. The designers and artists had full artistic license, as long as the design was timeless, recognisable and characteristic. Studio Job received the commission because their design fulfilled these criteria most completely.