André Kuipers orders the first 2014 children's welfare stamps in Rijksmuseum

André Kuipers bestelt eerste kinderpostzegels van 2014 in het Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam, 23 September 2014 - Astronaut André Kuipers ordered the first Children’s Welfare Stamps of the year from 9-year-old Giovanni, Project Ambassador of the 2014 Children’s Welfare Stamp campaign. From tomorrow, children will be knocking on doors en masse to sell Children’s Welfare Stamps, cards and plasters. Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands and PostNL are launching the Children’s Welfare Stamp together with the Rijksmuseum this year. The priority here is good education for children, which is why the theme of the 2014 Children’s Welfare Stamp campaign is ‘Let children learn’.

The launch took place in front of the Nachtwacht in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Children of the Rijksmuseum is the focus of this year’s Children’s Welfare Stamps. In producing the stamps, graphic designer Julius Vermeulen from PostNL took inspiration from the work of artists from the Golden Age up to the end of the last century, from Israëls to Breitner.

This was Giovanni’s first ever visit to the Rijksmuseum. He had had difficulty reading and writing. Support from Stichting De Katrol has ensured that he can again enjoy school. Proceeds from the Children’s Welfare Stamp campaign are used to support projects such as De Katrol. Giovanni loves everything about planets and stars and would later like to become an astronomer. He sold the first stamps to his idol, André Kuipers.

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