New stamps featuring 110-year-old Naardermeer Nature Reserve

Postzegelvel 110 jaar oude Naardermeer

The Hague, the Netherlands, 28 April 2015 – In association with Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Nature Preservation Society), PostNL is launching a new ‘Naardermeer Flora and Fauna’ set of stamps to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the nature reserve. The stamps feature images of some of the animals, plants and scenery that inhabit the country’s oldest nature preserve managed by the preservation society – all viewed through a pair of binoculars.

Designer Reynoud Homan opted for the image of binoculars to symbolise how visitors view Naardermeer Nature Reserve. “Some of the images show a pair of binoculars zooming in on a particular plant or animal, while on others you’ll find a wide-angle shot of the scenery, where the visitor takes a step back, as it were”, he explained. Other distinctive elements featured on the stamps include the local railway line, which runs right through the area, and a windmill dating back more than two centuries.

Proud of Naardermeer Nature Reserve

“Naardermeer Nature Reserve is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, and it remains a great source of pride to many people in the Netherlands. With its long and rich history, the area is a perfect subject for this new set of stamps. PostNL Marketing Director Ludo Voorn: “Reynoud Homan’s design really shows off the nature reserve and its fascinating and diverse plant and animal life.”

First acquisition

Naardermeer Nature Reserve was the first-ever natural area to be managed by the Dutch Nature Preservation Society, having been acquired as early as 1906. “More than a century on, visitors continue to enjoy the lake, swamp forests and surrounding fields every day and see what a sanctuary this unique reserve represents for plants and animals. I would imagine that the stamps will inspire many nature lovers to visit Naardermeer Nature Reserve and enjoy the beautiful scenery and all that it has to offer”, said Marc van den Tweel, Managing Director of Natuurmonumenten.


The set of ten ‘Naardermeer Flora and Fauna’ stamps are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. The stamps will be available at all Bruna stores from 28 April, as well as via Collect Club The stamps are valid until further notice.