Stamp for love mail

Liefde gevangen op postzegel

The Hague, 22 April 2015 – PostNL introduces the new Love stamp. This new stamp is intended especially for mail connected with love including wedding invitations and special cards for people you love.

The Love Stamp includes all the elements and colours of love, depicted in a special way by designer Marenthe Otten. She was able to create one total image for love, in which movement, dynamics, happiness and connection play an important role. 

Dancing stamp 

“In one place there’s a white heart, positioned exactly where the human heart is. The heart is surrounded by blue dots, which do touch the heart, but not each other. If you look at the design for longer, the image starts to dance, just like love. Because love is also always moving, love flows. The choice for the colours pink, red, white and blue on the stamp was easily made, as these stand for romance, warmth, passion and walking with your head and heart in the clouds, as you do when you’re lovestruck”, explained Marenthe Otten about her design. 


PostNL is replacing the old Love stamp after ten years. The new Love stamp stamps (10 items) are marked ‘Nederland 1’ and are intended for love-related and other mail up to 20g within the Netherlands. The Love stamps will be available online from 28 April at and and – depending on local stock – at local post offices. The stamps are valid for an unlimited period.