Valentines with a kiss as a stamp

Valentijnskaart met je kus als postzegel

The Hague, 10 February 2015 – This year, we’re making Valentine’s Day a very special one. Because on 13 February 2015, everyone in the Netherlands can send valentines for free with nothing more than a real kiss as a stamp.

It is unique in the world, and the perfect way to surprise your loved ones, friends or family with the most personal Valentine’s gesture ever. And all this in a world in which personal contact seems to have become increasingly superficial. For more information:

How does it work?

Place a real lipstick kiss on the stamp section of your envelope or card. Mail it before 5:00pm on Friday 13 February to a destination within the Netherlands. Our mail deliverers will see to it that the next day, all kissed cards and letters are brought to the happy recipients – on Valentine’s Day. Everyone can participate (including men!).