Miffy turns 60: new stamps issued in honour of anniversary year

Nijntje op de fiets

The Hague, 28 January 2015 - The theme of this year is one of the world’s most famous children’s heroes, Miffy, who turns 60 this year. Illustrator Dick Bruna drew this little white rabbit for the first time on 21 June 1955. Today was the kick-off of the official ‘Miffy Year’, with the unveiling of the first series of ‘Miffy stamps’ and a spectacular art project.

After Miffy and her friend Nina sang a song from the new musical ‘Miffy Celebrates’ [nijntje viert feest], PostNL Director Ludo Voorn presented Miffy and Nina with the first stamps. Voorn explained why Miffy deserves her own stamp, now that she has turned sixty. “We are proud to highlight this important event with the issue of twelve series of stamps throughout the year. I’m convinced that these unique stamps will bring back very fond memories of the Miffy books for many.”

Miffy art project 

As part of the programme, artist Richard Hutten revealed the first ever Miffy-related art project. “What makes the sculpture so unique is that Miffy is always looking you straight in the eye. Miffy has no front or back because she has six eyes and six mouths,” explains Hutten. 


The Miffy 60 years Personal Stamps are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. The Personal Silver Stamp is for registered mail within the Netherlands. The Miffy 60 years series is available while supplies last via collectclub.nl The stamps are valid until further notice.

Nijntje 60 jaar