One hundred children will be the boss of BV the Netherlands on 29 January 2015

Bilal el Mohammadi will be taking over the post of Herna Verhagen of PostNL

Honderd kinderen zijn 29 januari 2015 de baas van BV Nederland

The Hague / Amsterdam, 26 January – On 29 January, one hundred children from all over the country will be taking over for a boss, CEO, director, mayor or chief editor for a day during JINC’s Baas van Morgen (Boss of Tomorrow) campaign. At PostNL, Bilal el Mohammadi and Rania Yahia from year 8 at Het Palet Primary School in The Hague will take over for CEO Herna Verhagen for a day. JINC is an organisation that helps children aged 8 - 16 to get a good start in the labour market.

Students from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Brabant, The Hague and Kennemerland will get the chance to experience for one day what it is like to be at the head of a company or organisation. As the ‘Boss of Tomorrow’, they will attend a meeting, speak to the employees, brainstorm and give their opinions or an interview.

Extra nudge in the right direction
Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL thinks Boss of Tomorrow is a good initiative. “The children are the future of our society and our employees of tomorrow. Our company is at the centre of society and that is why we find it important to give this generation an extra nudge in the right direction,” says Herna Verhagen. 


“JINC’s Boss of Tomorrow is meant to introduce children to an environment they wouldn’t be familiar with at home”, says Daniel Roos, director of JINC. “Giving a child the boss’s job for a day is a win-win: it provides refreshing ideas for the company and an unforgettable experience for the child. JINC’s Boss of Tomorrow is an inspiring experience that gives talented children an extra nudge in the right direction.”