Striking Dutch bridges on new stamps

Markante Nederlandse bruggen op nieuwe postzegels

The Hague, 30 March 2015 – The Netherlands has thousands of bridges that are essential junctions to our infrastructure. With the ‘Bridges of the Netherlands’ stamp series, PostNL is focusing on ten post-war bridges.

Their important function in traffic and special designs were reason enough to depict these ten bridges on stamps. Ten relatively unknown new bridges were selected in collaboration with the Netherlands Foundation for Bridges. The bridges that made the selection are the HSL Bridge (in Moerdijk), the Ehzer Bridge (in Almen), the Kolenhaven Bridge (in Delft), the Tui Bridge (in Heusden), the Jan Waaijer Bridge (in Zoetermeer), De Oversteek (in Nijmegen), the Zeeland Bridge (in the Oosterschelde), the Hanzeboog (in Zwolle), the Zouthaven Bridge and the Nescio Bridge (both in Amsterdam). Seven of the ten bridges are also mentioned in the book ‘De Nederlandse brug, 40 markante voorbeelden’ (The Dutch Bridge: 40 Striking Examples). More information about the architects and photographers of the bridges.

Building bridges

For designers Hans and Sabine Bockting, visualising the bridges on stamps in a recognisable way was a challenge. “For each bridge, we zoomed out the details so that you can clearly see everything the bridge actually spans. That also includes water or land and where possible, horizons,” Sabine Bockting Reinhardt says. “Furthermore, we have created a balanced image with the position and cut out of the picture. And finally, we wanted to build bridges between the various stamps, by for example connecting the white pieces of each stamp,” Hans Bockting adds. 


The ten stamps for ‘Bridges of the Netherlands’ are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. The stamps will be sold for as long as stocks last in all Bruna stores starting 30 March, as well as via Collect Club. The stamps are valid for an unlimited period.