Daan Roosegaarde receives his own ’enlightened’ stamps during Nacht van de Nacht

Postzegeluitreiking Verlichting

Amsterdam, 24 October 2015 – Daan Roosegaarde was given the ‘enlightened’ stamps he designed himself from Barry Husman, Retail Director of PostNL. This was during the Nacht van de Nacht [‘Night of the Night’] event in The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, before a special concert of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra.

The new stamps feature the Netherlands in a unique way: as a network of light seen from space, shaped by our cities and roads. Each separate stamp features a different piece of the Netherlands. 

Stamps as a network of light 

“The stamp sheet shows the Netherlands as we have never seen it before. You don’t really know whether you’re looking down at the earth from above, or looking up at the starry sky from the ground. It’s an amazing network of light which establishes connections. It’s ominous and poetic at the same time: it gives us an insight into our behaviour and the impact it has on our landscape. In this way, the stamps offer both literal and figurative enlightenment,” Roosegaarde says. Each separate stamp features a different piece of the Netherlands. When designing the stamps, Daan was inspired by aerial photos taken by André Kuipers and satellite photos of the Netherlands, after which he incorporated his own interpretation. 

Own piece of land 

Barry Husman of PostNL is pleased with the stamps: “The stamp sheet shows how we are connected by a network of light. Daan’s keen design will show you how he included your city or town as well. The stamp sheet now looks like a beautiful puzzle of our country, with a stamp showing your own little piece of land.” 


These stamps are marked ‘Nederland 1’ and are intended for mail items up to 20g in weight with destinations in the Netherlands. The stamps are available at all Bruna stores as well as via Collectclub.nl. The stamps are valid until further notice.