André van Duin orders first Children’s Welfare Stamps in 2015

Kinderpostzegels 2015

Amsterdam, 22 September 2015 – Today, André van Duin ordered the first set of Children’s Welfare Stamps from 9 year-old Jadey and 14 year-old Melissa, both project ambassadors for the Children’s Welfare Stamp Campaign 2015. Starting tomorrow, schoolchildren will be knocking on doors en masse to sell Children’s Welfare Stamps, cards and plasters. The Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands will donate the proceeds to projects that create opportunities for vulnerable children both in the Netherlands and abroad. This year, the joyful images of the Little Golden Books will be featured on the Children’s Welfare Stamps.

The images selected were those that best expressed a feeling of warmth, security and belonging. The illustrations were chosen from books in the Little Golden Booksseries: Katie the Kitten, The Little Red Hen and Baby’s House. All of the illustrations exemplify the Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands’ goal of giving children a safe home.

Thanks to the Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands, the project ambassadors Jadey and Melissa will grow up safely and enjoy going to school. Melissa was often bullied as a child. This year, the foundation will highlight her story, because bullying is an important issue for Children’s Welfare Stamps. The Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps helps children to develop and bring out the best in themselves.