PostNL delivers 6,000 gift parcels with skipping ropes and frisbees for the King’s Games

PostNL bezorgt 6.000 pakketten met springtouwen en frisbees voor de Koningsspelen

The Hague, 4 April 2016 - PostNL is delivering King’s Games’ gift parcels for the fourth year in a row. Almost 1.2 million children take part in this festive sports’ day on 22 April. PostNL is delivering the parcels to over 5,400* participating primary schools in the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands from 4 April.

The first recipient this year is the Fontanusschool in Harderwijk where the PostNL parcel delivery driver will personally hand over the King’s Games’ parcel to King’s Games’ presenter Johnny de Mol. The parcel contains a number of skipping ropes and a frisbee for every child. These are all items with which the school can put its own slant on the King’s Games and with which the children can play at other times of the year too.

Also for Dutch schools abroad

PostNL is not only ensuring that schools in the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands can participate in the King’s Games; the cooperation between Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland [the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide] and the King’s Games means that Dutch schools abroad and Dutch departments of European schools, some 10,000 pupils, will also receive parcels.

*Certain schools will receive several parcels