Rich history between The Netherlands and Australia now immortalised on stamps

Rijke historie tussen Nederland en Australië nu ook op postzegels

The Hague, 15 August 2016 - The new stamp sheet from The Netherlands and Beyond series focuses on the unique and centuries-long relationship between the Netherlands and Australia. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam explorer Dirck Hartogh being the first to set foot on Australian soil. The stamps feature such themes as exploration, emigration and knowledge sharing.
The stamp issue comprises three stamp sheets, each with six stamps and a different theme. Designers Ivo van Kessel and Martijn van Overbruggen have captured the rich history and relations between both countries in images. The six stamps contain such images as a photo of a replica of the Dutch East India Company ship Duyfken, the first European ship to map the north coast of Australia. Other photos show a moving crate of the 100,000th emigrant family and recent projects in Australia involving Dutch technology.

Visual contrasts

Martijn van Overbruggen explains the design process of this stamp series. “Unfortunately, there are no photogenic portraits or objects available from Dirck Hartogh, which is why we have portrayed him indirectly with a nautical chart. On the other hand, we had an abundance of visual images to choose from on emigration. We selected pictures of current projects involving water purification and the radio telescope because they emphasise the current relationship between the two countries. This gives us a wonderfully balanced collection of black-and-white photographs and new colour images.”


The six ‘The Netherlands and Beyond - Australia’ stamps are marked ‘Internationaal 1’, the denomination for mail items up to 20g in weight with international destinations. These stamps will be available to purchase at all Bruna shops from 15 August and via The stamps are valid until further notice.

Rijke historie tussen Nederland en Australië nu ook op postzegels (2)