6 million households receive a free Christmas card

PostNL bestows a personal Christmas wish on everyone

Iedereen verdient een kerstkaart

The Hague, 6 December 2016 - On Saturday 10 December, PostNL will deliver a free Christmas card to more than 6 million households. PostNL asks everyone to send this card to a special someone who deserves a little extra attention during the festive season. A panel survey* shows that 81% of Dutch people believe that sending a Christmas card is a way of showing that you’re thinking of someone. A personal card means so much more for family and good friends than a fleeting text message.

There’s nothing like a personal Christmas card

Furthermore, the panel survey also claims that six out of ten respondents believe that a forwarded online message with a Christmas greeting is ‘just not on’. 68% of those surveyed agree with the statement ‘In this digital world, nothing compares to a personal Christmas card’. For this reason, PostNL intends to make 6 million Christmas cards available. In combination with the special 21st stamp on the December stamp sheet, it’s only a small effort to send the card.

Surprise the elderly with a Christmas card

With the campaign ‘Everyone deserves a Christmas card’, PostNL and the National Association for the Elderly want to surprise as many elderly people as possible with a Christmas card. The figures speak for themselves: one out of five elderly people will not be celebrating Christmas and the New Year, and more than 200,000 elderly people will not receive visitors during the festive period.** This means that in everyone’s neighbourhood, there’s an elderly person who spends the holidays alone.

‘Sending a nice card with a personal message can make just that little bit of difference during the holidays. How lovely is it then, to have a card like that on the mantelpiece for weeks afterwards?’ says Angela Groothuizen, ambassador for the December campaign. Christmas wishes for the elderly can be sent to: Nationaal Ouderenfonds, Postbus 156, 3980 CD Bunnik. PostNL and the Association for the Elderly will ensure that they are sent to the right place.

Christmas is attention. Christmas is a card.

Angela Groothuizen met postbezorger Frans

Angela Groothuizen schrijft kerstkaartje

Source: * Representative panel survey done by DirectResearch on behalf of PostNL in December 2015, ** Interview-NSS