Free Valentine’s cards sent with a real kiss or your scent

Gratis valentijnskaarten versturen met een échte kus of je geurtje

This year, everyone can send a free Valentine’s card again with a real kiss for a stamp. A unique feature this year is the Kisstamp, alongside the lipstick kiss. It’s a stamp you can use to send a loving card. When you spray a scent on the Kisstamp, a kiss appears that also smells delicious. Everyone, both men and women, can now send a very personal Valentine’s card, for free, with a real kiss or your own scent. Once again, PostNL delivers abundant love throughout the Netherlands.

Sticker or smacker

PostNL is repeating last year’s success by once again offering the unique opportunity on Friday 12 February 2016 to send a free Valentine’s card with a real kiss in the place of a stamp. Sending a card is a loving gesture that lets someone know that you are thinking of him or her on Valentine’s Day. You ‘smack’ the lipstick kiss onto the card or envelope where the stamp would usually go. But with a special Kisstamp, unique worldwide, now men (or anyone else who would rather not use lipstick) can also send a free Valentine’s card. PostNL gives you the chance to spread abundant love throughout the Netherlands. If you stick a Kisstamp on the Valentine’s card and spray it with your own scent, your recipient may immediately recognise who the sender is. Extra personal!

How does it work?

Buy a Valentine’s card between 9 and 12 February from Primera or The Read Shop, and you’ll receive a free Kisstamp with it. Stick the Kisstamp on the card, spray it with your scent, and the kiss will appear. Or grab your lipstick and leave a real smacker where the stamp would go. Send the card on Friday 12 February before 17:00 within the Netherlands. Our mail deliverers will make sure the card drops onto the doormat.