Extra December stamp for a special person

Everyone deserves a Christmas card

Ludo Voorn van PostNL presenteert de decemberzegels aan Angela Groothuizen en Corina Gielbert van het Nationaal Ouderenfonds

Utrecht, 14 November 2016 - December stamps will be available from Monday 14 November. The stamp sheet has 21 stamps this year instead of the usual 20. With the extra stamp, PostNL inspires people to send a card to someone who deserves special attention. The month of December encourages us to pay attention to each other, for example by sending a card.

21e decemberzegel handenThe extra December stamp is a photograph of five spread hands that together form a star. The star is a symbol of togetherness and connection between people and fits well with the idea of using this stamp for a special person. The December stamps for 2016 are designed by Edgar Smaling and Carlo Elias from studio Smel. 

Everyone deserves a Christmas card. For that reason, PostNL together with the National Association for the Elderly wants to delight as many elderly people as possible with a Christmas card. Angela Groothuizen is the enthusiastic ambassador for this December campaign. “That one stamp on a beautiful card can give a special moment of happiness to someone who needs it.” This could be someone you know who deserves it, or an unknown elderly person through the National Association for the Elderly. 

The December stamps are available as a sheetlet with 21 stamps for €13.65 from Post offices, Parcel Points, Postage stamp sales points or via PostNL.nl. The December stamp can be used within the Netherlands from 14 November to 6 January 2017 on cards weighing up to 50 g. Thereafter the stamps can be used as usual along with extra stamps to make up the applicable postage rate.

21e decemberzegels voorzijde