New stamps illustrate evolution of 100-year-old Schiphol Airport

Nieuwe postzegels illustreren ontwikkeling honderdjarig Schiphol

The Hague, 5 September 2016 - Schiphol Airport celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. PostNL will be launching a stamp sheetlet to commemorate this anniversary. The stamps feature photos, maps and pie charts showing how Schiphol Airport has evolved. Today, CEO of Schiphol Jos Nijhuis received the first ‘Schiphol 1916-2016’ stamp sheetlet from Ludo Voorn, Marketing Director at PostNL.

Jos Nijhuis believes the stamps illustrate the huge expansion of Schiphol Airport well. “It is a great honour for Schiphol Airport to have its own stamps and it is absolutely correct in symbolic terms. After all, aviation and postal services have gone hand-in-hand at Schiphol for nearly a century. The first international civilian flight to our airport also carried a bag of mail: a pile of newspapers and a letter for the Mayor of Amsterdam. These beautiful stamps are a wonderful tribute to that pioneering age and visualise the evolution both the airport and its passengers have undergone since.”

One hundred years of growth

Designer Reynoud Homan has created a stamp sheetlet that takes the theme of the growth of Schiphol, Ludo Voorn explains. “Growth that has also occurred in the processing of mail. A hundred years ago there was one sack of mail. Nowadays, about half a million letters and small parcels are processed every day through Schiphol airport”.

The rhythm of Schiphol Airport

The designer has also depicted the daily rhythm of an airport on the stamp sheetlet. Homan: “The sheetlet contains two groups of five stamps. On the left they move from the present day to the past, while on the right they do the reverse. This symbolises aircraft taking off and landing.”


The ten ‘Schiphol 1916-2016’ stamps are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. These stamps will be available to purchase at all Bruna shops , at all stamp sellers at Schiphol Plaza, and via from 12 September. The stamps are valid until further notice.