Stamps about Dutch Treats

PostNL plaatst brievenbus terug

Den Haag, 19 juni 2017 – The Hague, 19 June 2017 – PostNL is issuing a stamp sheetlet featuring ten typically Dutch treats. These have names linked to a city or area. Most of the depicted foods can also be bought outside their home regions. Many treats are known nation-wide and have many, many fans.

In collaboration with the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage, PostNL selected ten typically Dutch treats. These are the Bossche bol (cream-filled pastry covered with chocolate), Limburgse vlaai (fruit tart), Goudse stroopwafel (syrup-filled waffle biscuit), Zeeuwse bolus (spiral-shaped pastry), Groningse eierbal (Scotch egg), Amsterdamse ui (pickled onions), Drents kniepertie (thin waffle biscuit) and Fries suikerbrood (sweet bread), which are all available in the rest of the country as well. Only the featured Zwolse balletjes and Tielse kermiskoek are really only available in their own region.

Ingredients and preparation

For the design, Joost Overbeek, Maarten Geurink and Ayla Maagdenberg of Studio Overburen in Amsterdam looked for depictions of the food that showed more than just images of all the treats. “We opted for colour photos that filled the sheetlets, with one or two hands holding the treat in each photo. Since many of these treats are sticky or greasy to hold in your hand, we worked with props like plates, dishes and towels,” Joost Overbeek explains. The tabs next to the stamps have brief descriptions, showing lovers of these treats the ingredients and preparation of each one.


Each ‘Dutch Treats’ stamp sheetlet consists of ten stamps marked with ‘Nederland 1’, which can be used for items weighing up to 20g destined for mail in the Netherlands. These stamps will be available from 19 June at all Bruna shops and via The stamps are valid until further notice.