Winter birds descend on the first stamp sheetlet of the 2017 Theme collection - Birds

Wintervogels strijken neer op eerste postzegelvel Themacollectie 2017 - Vogels

The Hague, 2 January 2017 – PostNL’s new 2017 Theme collection takes its inspiration from birds. Changing with the seasons, birds will be centre stage on the stamp sheetlets in the Netherlands. First up are the winter birds, with images of the snow bunting, the sparrow-hawk, the grey goose, the wren, the robin redbreast and more gracing the stamps.

The series comprises four stamp sheetlets, each with ten stamps. There is an invisible code on the stamps that can be scanned with the Cee app. Scan the code to find out more about a bird, such as its characteristic call.

Educational character

Designer Frank Janse was faced by a number of challenges when designing the stamps. All photos are close-ups of birds in various poses and locations: on a branch, in a tree hollow, on the nest, in flight, coming in to land, on water, in snow, etc. We also wanted the stamps to have an educational aspect, which is why each season features photographs of rare, endangered birds, such as the cuckoo and black-tailed godwit. With these stamps we hope to draw attention to the declining number of black-tailed godwits in our country.

About the 2017 Theme collection

Since 2015 PostNL has brought out annual collections of personal stamps themed around social issues. The stamps in this collection will become available on 2 January (winter), 20 February (spring), 6 June (summer) and 13 November (autumn). In 2016, the stamps in the theme collection were decorated with Janneke Brinkman’s drawings of flowers, plants and butterflies.


Each ‘Birds winter’ stamp sheetlet consists of ten stamps marked with ‘Nederland 1’, which can be used for items weighing up to 20g destined for mail in the Netherlands. These stamps will be available from 2 January 2017 at all Bruna shops and via The stamps are valid until further notice.