PostNL expands food delivery to mornings

food ochtend

The Hague, 12 July 2018 - PostNL will be expanding its food network this week and will be delivering groceries, meal boxes, and other fresh food products in the morning as well. The online food market is growing, and suppliers in particular want to be able to deliver or have items delivered in the morning. Think of, for example, bakers and supermarkets that are using PostNL to deliver to crèches, school canteens, and police barracks, or restaurants that want to receive fresh products in the morning. But from now on, consumers will also be able to receive their groceries between 8.00 and 13.00.

Short time period  

PostNL delivers groceries, meal boxes, and special products, such as meat and sports foods, for more than 50 food suppliers. The food orders from the various suppliers are bundled, and sorted and distributed from one hub. Receiving parties will be provided with precise information about the moment their fresh products are delivered. PostNL delivers food products within a time period of 30 minutes.

PostNL coolbox

PostNL transports the fresh products in the PostNL coolbox, at the right temperature and in a food-safe manner. The PostNL coolbox is sealed and not opened before delivery, which allows for monitoring the temperature up to and including the moment of delivery. After delivery, the carrier takes the coolboxes back for return. This enables PostNL to reuse the sustainable coolboxes for up to 500 times. Moreover, food suppliers do not have to pack the products in (cardboard) boxes themselves.