PostNL: even greater focus on e-commerce

Changes to structure, way of working and management at PostNL

The Hague, the Netherlands, 5 September 2022 – PostNL is to shift its commercial and operational focus further towards e-commerce, customers and growth. To design a future-proof organisation, it today announces changes to its structure, way of working and Executive Committee (EC), subject to the consent of its Works Council. It aims for a kick-off date for the new organisation on 1 January 2023. The current organisation and governance will remain in place until then.

With e-commerce an ever greater part of PostNL, the decision-making process will be put more on EC-level to reflect this. EC member responsibility for e-commerce will be split into commerce and operations, i.e. it will rest with two members. In international terms as well, the e-commerce market is growing in importance and so an EC representative will be in charge of PostNL’s international activities.

These latest changes provide fresh impetus to transformation towards e-commerce. Online shopping is still growing in popularity and e-commerce now accounts for some 70% of revenues. The changes should help PostNL respond even better and faster to developments in digitalisation, innovation and sustainability, and meet the expectations of customers and consumers.

Staff changes

The changes to the organisation have created a natural moment for EC members Liesbeth Kaashoek and Arno van Bijnen to continue their careers outside of PostNL. After working many succesful years in various roles at PostNL, they will help to build the new organisation and facilitate a smooth transfer of duties and responsibilities. PostNL is very grateful that they’re both willing to keep supporting us until 1 February 2023, as they have always done in their long careers at PostNL.

PostNL’s Board of Management will remain unchanged, with Herna Verhagen as CEO and Pim Berendsen as CFO. The proposed changes will result in a PostNL Executive Committee comprising the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of E-commerce Commerce, Director of E-commerce Operations, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, Director of Cross Border Solutions, Chief Information Officer, Director of HR and Chief Digital Officer. The full roster of EC names will be announced as soon as all positions have been filled.