TNT takes note of liberalisation Dutch postal market

Amsterdam - TNT has taken note of the Cabinet’s intention to liberalise the Dutch postal market as of 1 April 2009.

The government has consistently set two conditions for the liberalisation of the Dutch postal market, i.e., sound arrangements for the employment conditions in the postal sector and a level playing field in the European postal market. 
The first of these conditions appears to have been met with a minimum standard for the terms and conditions of employment set by General Administrative Order. The provisions of the collective labour agreement for the sector will have to be tested against the criteria of the General Administrative Order.
“TNT is prepared for full liberalisation and has included the impact in the volume prognoses given at the recent publication of the annual results 2008”, according to Peter Bakker CEO of TNT. “In most other countries national postal operators are allowed more room to operate. However, the Cabinet does not longer want to maintain the condition of a European level playing field. This is difficult to understand in the worst economic crisis of the last fifty years.”
TNT awaits the discussion of the General Administrative Order in the Upper House of the Dutch Parliament and expects to be invited for future discussions about the sector CLA.
In the event of any conflict or discrepancy between this press release and the original Dutch version of this press release, the Dutch version prevails.