TNT Post survey: forfeiting working conditions negotiable

Amsterdam - Last month TNT Post’s management and the Operations Works Council conducted a survey among the company’s operational staff. The survey asked some 23,000 employees for their views on a number of key issues regarding their future and that of the company. The results show that 74% of the 7,683 respondents would choose to forfeit working conditions in return for a job guarantee and/or a package of transitional measures. The company management and the Works Council will discuss the matter with the parties to the collective labour agreement.

During the past two years intensive talks have been held with all stakeholders on how to achieve the necessary cost savings to ensure TNT Post remains a healthy company. As well as introducing a range of efficiency measures, discussions have also focused on forfeiting pay and benefits and accelerated restructuring leading to the loss of 11,000 jobs over the next three years.
The survey results give the company and Works Council a good insight into the views of the operations staff. The method used to process the information has been examined by a notary. The survey has produced many suggestions and comments on the willingness of staff to surrender working conditions in return for job retention. This additional information will now be examined in more detail and will be taken into account when deciding on the next steps to be taken.